Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive in one place

Think of something simple
yet powerful

We believe it’s the only right way to go about collaboration these days. Infolio is the digital workplace for team collaboration built from the ground up with simplicity in mind.

Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive in one place

Today you already use lots of cloud services, and you probably have enough applications to drive anyone mad. So we wanted to give you a way to connect everything together while keeping the same control level. And while you’re at it, to collaborate with others on all your digital content.

Use Infolio on the web, on iPad or iPhone

Don't lose your focus as soon as you step out of the office. Besides web, Infolio is available on iPad and iPhone, taking advantage of touch interface and true mobility. Instant push notifications, zoomable interface, document annotations and more!

Receive notifications on updates

You will receive email and push notifications on content changes, task updates and new comments. You also have a fine-grained control over which notification to get and which to turn off.

Receive email and push notifications about task updates and new comments

Comment on any document,
task or note

Start a discussion anywhere. All the content in your spaces can be commented on by people you are sharing the space with. This includes data from any internal or legacy systems integrated with Infolio. It's a universal collaboration layer on top of all your digital content.

Comment notes, annotate PDF documents and receive instant notifications

Manage to-do lists and assign tasks

Unlimited number of to-do lists on any information space. Assign any task to a person, chat with them right there within that task, set due date, and receive notifications on the task progress.

Manage to-do lists and assign tasks

Connect folders from cloud services for auto sync

Connect your favourite cloud service, then drag a folder with documents into your space. That’s it! The folder will be synced automatically for you and everyone you share this space with. And you can comment on and annotate your documents right in Infolio.

Share Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Salesforce files

Invite people to your spaces

Infolio is a place for collaboration, so you can invite people to any space you create. They don’t even have to register to view it, but if they do they will be able to add more content and leave comments anywhere.

Share photos and plan events with your friends

Organize everything
the way you like

Just like with a real desk, you are free to organize things the way you want in Infolio workspaces. Place anything anywhere. Put all your notes in one place or scatter them around. Be as organized as you like or as messy as it makes you feel comfortable, no one limits you. Zoom out to get a complete picture, zoom in for a more detailed view.

Ready templates for projects or events

Put all your digital content on one screen

Infolio is a virtual desk or canvas where you can put almost anything you like — documents, images, notes, tasks, emails, web links and more. Enterprise edition allows you to connect to internal and legacy systems and put structured content, charts and reports on the same screen along with everything else.

Your notes, documents, photos, tasks, web links on one screen

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