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for Knowledge Workers

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All Your Information -
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Infolio is digital workplace platform for knowledge workers, which allows you to integrate, visualize, work with and share diverse enterprise information from various platforms and systems - on one workspace, including:

  • Tasks
  • Documents
  • Emails
  • Web bookmarks
  • Contacts
  • Pictures
  • Notes
  • Structured data and charts
  • Messages and Feeds
Enterprise Edition
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Integration with Enterprise Systems and Platforms

The Infolio platform allows secure integration with various information sources, including personal information systems (Office 365, Exchange), content management systems (Sharepoint, OneDrive), popular platforms like SAP and Salesforce, BI solutions and custom databases.

  • logo SAP
  • logo Salesforce
  • logo MS Lync
  • logo MS Exchange
  • logo MS Sharepoint
  • logo Office 365
  • logo One Drive
  • logo Structured data from custom systems and databases
  • logo Intelligence from corporate BI systems

Next Generation
Information Workspace

Infolio allows you to arrange all information on a project, account, event, research topic, etc., as a visual information workspace, the way you want it! It is a game changer for sales teams, project managers, top executives, and analysts who work in a dynamic enterprise environment.

Enterprise Ready

The Infolio platform for knowledge workers features enterprise-grade security and flexibility

Integration with EMM

Integration with Enterprise Mobile Management platforms


Cross platform capabilities - tablet apps for iOS, Windows


Extensible with new information types and sources


On-premise and cloud deployment options


Seamless work environment across devices


Customizable look & feel and functionality

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Infolio for Enterprise


Team Collaboration

Work with your team within a shared information workspace

  • Share team findings within a project workspace
  • Integrate related e-mails, contacts, and tasks
  • Collect research data, web bookmarks, images and videos
  • Save the relevant planning, contractual and marketing docs

Paperless Meetings

One place for all the meeting related info

Infolio allows instant access to the relevant corporate documents & presentations, contact and organization's performance data. Present right from the app, annotate the presentation, capture notes and set tasks right from the meeting workspace.

Flexible Workspace for Experts

Interactive environment for working on your information

  • Perform your research and analysis visually - right from the information workspace
  • Access your info anytime, even offline, on various devices
  • Bring together and visualize all the information types you need

Executive Workspace

Dedicated information workspaces for key activities

Have a dedicated information workspace per each key meeting, project or responsibility area automatically generated for you. Work within the space to retrieve any documents, even offline, markup reports, add notes, set and track tasks. The live news feed filtered based on your preferences will keep you informed on market and company updates.

Customizable, extensible, secure platform for knowledge workers

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Infolio allows knowledge workers to stay focused in a dynamic environment, by offering a single point of access to all information locked up in multiple enterprise systems.

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