Inspire Curiosity.
Boost Productivity.

Introducing the New Generation Learning Experience

What is Infolio for Education?

All Kinds of Information
within One Space

With Infolio you can create contextual and personalized information spaces for
each project or a topic you are researching. Online and offline

Lectures Engagement
turned on

Demonstrate from the first class that you are interested in what
students are thinking. Include plenty of opportunities for
students to ask and answer questions.

Watch Video

Visual Topic Preparation Process

Access and interact with all your information from one place, online and offline


Access and use any kind of information from a single point of access

You might use different cloud services, have some materials locally stored or available on the web. Infolio allows you to access anything within seconds and just as easily add it all into one visual space.


Prepare beautiful spaces in seconds

Add, arrange, resize, move. Do anything you like with information in Infolio, just like you would on a real desk. Put everything the right order or create an organised chaos, it’s up to you. For the first time software is not limiting you anymore. In fact, it’s information that is now being put front and center.


Your personal visual space presented the way you intended

Don’t go from slide to slide. Jump anywhere, zoom out to show overview, zoom in to engage into detailed description. Open documents and images right from the space without going to another app. Draw directly on the space to highlight something or to make a point. Don’t be limited by someone else’s idea of how presentation should be held. Inflow is your personal space, your personal tool, your personal way to teach and learn.


Distribute materials to your peers with ease

Share entire spaces or boards. Allow other people to see how you arrived to a particular thought or idea by showing them everything that you’ve gathered and arranged on that particular subject. Sometimes it’s truly better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.

Impress and Be Impressed

Take advantage of the resources available to you

Being impressive may not be your main goal. However, trying to be more impressive in a classroom may move your students to take more interest in achieving their goals, which ultimately should be one of your goals.

Infolio will help you to take your lectures and presentations to the next level, where you can impress your students with fluidity and beauty of stories you tell. Create visual interactive boards in minutes, present with confidence and later share prepared materials with students with ease. Help students by sharing templates for assignments and projects. Receive completed assignments from students in the form of Infolio spaces, where you will be able to see not only the outcome, but the very process of thinking behind it.

Improve the Way You Gather and Share Knowledge