Sell your way,
faster than ever

Do more with your data in less effort and time

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In sales, when you
snooze – you lose

With Infolio, we guarantee no more snoozing: access and interact with all your data from one place, anytime and anywhere.

Infolio, a dynamic information workspace, helps you, the sales professional, focus on tasks that are key to your success, so you can sell more, rather than spend precious time on searching information, updating data, and switching between systems and platforms.

Prepare for multiple
sales meetings
within seconds

Getting ready for a day of sales
meetings, one after the other?
Not enough time to prepare?
With Infolio, you are always ready.

  • easy acces Beautiful Spaces

    Easy context-driven search, visually organizing your information in the way that’s right for you

  • easy acces Fast Setup

    Find what you need and get ready within seconds – get the info you are looking for without switching between applications and platforms

  • easy acces Easy Access

    Access and interact with all your information – emails, CRM, collateral, tutorials, marketing materials – from a single point of access, a dedicated space for each sales opportunity

Get more done in
each sales meeting

Spending time after each sales meeting in sharing information with your team, updating your CRM, and other tasks? With Infolio, you can do it during your meetings.

  • Update CRM and other Enterprise systems without needing to access each separately
  • Distribute relevant materials to prospects or your team through easy, intuitive, drag and drop interface
  • Easily capture information, tasks, and follow ups – through a single point of access

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