With Infolio, the team gained the capability to create live digital
workspaces. This allowed all relevant information about events to be linked
in one place, from documents and web bookmarks to pictures, videos and
contacts. Information could be quickly shared internally within the team or
externally and accessed via mobile and Web apps on any device , anywhere,
even offline.


Citi Mobile Challenge is a virtual accelerator with a robust curriculum and
mentorship program aimed to inspire developers to reimagine mobile banking.

Finalists have the opportunity to showcase their ideas and stimulate digital
progress in the industry. Citi Digital Acceleration team is responsible for
preparing, organizing and hosting the events engaging developers world-wide.
Preparing the events is a collaborative effort, often spanning various teams
at Citi as well as external stakeholders, like partner and enabler
organizations. There is a need to dynamically compile all the necessary
information in one place, easily share and discuss it.

CITI quote 1

Our team is engaged with stakeholders on a global scale, using different technologies, and producing a variety of information that requires collaboration. With Infolio we have an excellent way to collectively share and edit documents in realtime, without duplications, and conveniently accessible by all team members. It provides us with a transformational digital workplace that is fully aligned with the Citi Mobile Challenge Program!

Mauricio Lorenzetti
Digital Acceleration Technology Head

Impress and Be Impressed texts

Being impressive may not be your main goal. However, trying to be more impressive in a
classroom may move your students to take more interest in achieving their goals, which
ultimately should be one of your goals.

Infolio will help you to take your lectures and presentations to the next level, where you
can impress your students with fluidity and beauty of stories you tell. Create visual
interactive boards in minutes, present with confidence and later share prepared materials
with students with ease. Help students by sharing templates for assignments and projects.
Receive completed assignments from students in the form of Infolio spaces, where you will be
able to see not only the outcome, but the very process of thinking behind it.